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8AVAV147cm I want to be trained, I want to be violated, I want to be destroyed. She graduated from a national university in response to the expectations of those around her, received job offers from eight major companies, and walked the path of being an honor student. In the end, Mio Matsuoka chose the AV. world. She has always wanted to be different from other people, and since she is going to appear in AV, she doesnt want her work to be photographed normally either. She has a sincere way of life that cannot be imagined from her petite appearance of 147 cm. From time to time, we can glimpse a deeply bright side and a fragile, fragile side. What a girl who looks good with a smile wants is a cold, sticky world that is dark and insidious and has no smiles. A unique talent will make his debut.

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Duration: 160 Min