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4H The 4th exclusive work is Himika Nanao, an honor student, was worried. Since she is not good at talking to people, Himikas teacher, who has always lived a serious life, says, The schools morals are in disarray, so Nanao should become the head of the public morals committee and fix it! I cant talk to people, I cant express my opinions, whats wrong? While she was worrying alone, she saw a student taking a nap and slacking off. She should first wake up this person and tell him to come to her class. Although she decided to do so, she couldnt muster up the courage to do so, so she secretly retrieved the erotic book from her student. Erotic books I wonder if adolescent boys are only interested in naughty things. Well, its a bit of a problem, but if you use eroticism as a lure, I think theyll obediently listen to what you say. Hmm. It must be so. It may hurt to spend your own money, but lets buy the lewd costumes listed in this book and face everyone. Yeah, lets do that. The path of thorns that Himika Nanao follows. Thats when naughty demands like creampie and handjobs arise.

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Duration: 120 Min