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Manager, please look at my panty shots and cheer me up! Meisa is an active idol who works part-time at a convenience store. I cant control my urges due to the cute and cute temptation of the girl in uniform, and I end up crossing the forbidden line and having a physical relationship with her. Even though she was cheerful, polite, and had a refreshing smile, I was overcome by the nonchalant erotic and cute gestures that she only showed to me as the store manager. Before I knew it, I forgot everything about my beloved wife, children, job, and position, and indulged in immoral pleasure, having sex with creampie over and over again. ManagerSay love, I love you Meisa The real active idol Meisa Nishimoto is charming! A forbidden pure love drama between an idol in uniform and a store manager.

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Duration: 150 Min