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CAWD-631 TVPPP Meisa Nishimoto is an active idol who is currently on the market, and today she was busy being interviewed by a magazine to promote her photo book on a TV station. Although she is popular and cute, her talented producer Goto, who is rumored to be overbearing and sexually harassing her, catches the eye of her. Oh no! Meisa-chan, Im going to accompany you to the local location next week. On the day of the location shoot, her office manager is suddenly unable to attend, and after the scene, more misfortune befalls her. Due to a mistake made by her manager, she ended up staying in a shared room with Goto P. However, it was a cunning trap set by Goto P Ill cast you on my show. Meisa-chan wants to sell more, doesnt it? She squirts a lot with the sticky fingering of the middle-aged man she hates! A popular idol who was made to cum all night and was creampied many times! ! !

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Duration: 120 Min