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DASS-359 VIP Yuma has dreamed of becoming a cabin attendant (stewardess) since she was a child, has a girlfriend who is a pilot, and lives a happy life. She was on the same flight as her boyfriend for the first time in a long time, and they had promised to let her spread her wings at her destination. However, the flight was delayed due to trouble. One of her passengers is a VIP who has a large stake in the airline, and she is furious because the delay caused the business deal to fall apart. The company tries to get rid of his anger, but the man says he will forgive Yuma, who he had been eyeing on the plane, if he entertains her. Yuma reluctantly accepts the requests of her girlfriends company executives and her boyfriend, and throughout the day he continues to carve her pleasure with the perverted and clingy techniques of a middle-aged man

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Duration: 150 Min