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3M 3 years since her debut Ai Hongo makes her first attack on an amateurs home! ! A one-day close-up guerrilla documentary of the dream of a super lucky M-man! Im not done yet! Im being seduced by a slut with a sweet and intense temptation, being wanted, being teased, and getting an erection that doesnt stop no matter how many times I ejaculate making out, taking a shower, cooking, going to bed and waking up in the morning. ~ Ai Hongo is next to me! You came out with a lot of juice Get addicted to the harsh technique! Swamp! fall! I have never seen Ai Hongo with such a sweet voice and such a sweet voice! ! A record of an unplanned day where we fuck with lots of love until weve used up a lifetimes worth of sperm.

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Duration: 200 Min