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SONE-049 Saki is worried about the education of her son (in-law) who has reached puberty. Recently, she seems to be frequently purchasing some kind of questionable adult goods online. When she secretly peeked through the door of the nursery, she saw that she was seriously fondling an elaborate love doll, which gave her a creepy feeling. One day, the schools homeroom teacher visits with a female student. Her son apparently stalked the girl and groped her breasts. Saki convinces him that if she escalates the situation any further, her son will definitely become a sex offender. She suggested that he masturbate her own body in order to suppress her out-of-control sexual desire by massaging her mother-in-laws breasts instead. This isnt sexIm helping my son masturbate. The crazy daily life of Sakis girlfriends mother, who accepts his erect cock and treats it sexually.

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Duration: 120 Min