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AV30AV We will closely follow the private life of Minami Kojima, who is multi-talented, video streaming, and active in fields other than idol and AV actress, for 30 days, and if there is a chance, we will drop you immediately without an appointment! With the full cooperation of the manager, we will reveal Minami Kojimas true face in a prank project for the first time in a while! During a girls night out with friends, in the dressing room of a TV shoot, in the changing room of a sports gym, while filming a video distribution Kojima suddenly gets penetrated in a bad situation where ordinary people who have nothing to do with AV find out, and moans while feeling confused. Dynamic squirt until Minamis signature orgasm! The way she feels it even though she hates it and is embarrassed is so vivid and super erotic!

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Genre: Film Semi
Duration: 120 Min